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Absor-Bit Image

Absor-Bit Diagram

Cushioned Drill Stop.

  • Counteracts the acceleration of the drill feed as it breaks through the hole.
  • Holds thin stock down firmly. Acts as a positive stripper as the drill is retracted.
  • Ejects small parts and drilled out rivets which can remain stuck on your drill.
  • Prevents destructive chuck contact with workpieces.
  • Reduces breakthrough burr with a “soft landing”.
  • Position on the drill is fully adjustable.
  • Once our most popular special tool, now available from stock in a full range of drill sizes.
  • Stocked in all drill sizes from 1/16″ to 1/2″, and metric sizes 1.6mm to 12.5mm.

Absorb-Bit Specs

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