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Burr-bit in various stages of operation
  • Deburrs the top of the tapped hole as the tap is being withdrawn from the workpiece.
  • Eliminates expensive secondary deburring.
  • Cuts only during tap withdrawal for a smooth clean chamfer.
  • Improves part quality, no tapped hole goes unfinished.
  • Repeatable results while tapping thousands of holes!
  • Easy to install.
  • Re-sharpen on any radial relief grinding fixture.
  • We maintain a large stock in both SAE and Metric sizes for 2, 3 and 4 flute taps.
  • Long-life HSS cutter heads are stocked in your choice of 120° or 90° included angles.
  • Special cutter angles between 82° and spot facing are available.
  • Burr-bits are available for forming taps, pipe taps, heilicoil taps, acme taps, Whitworth taps, European ISO and Japanese JIS taps.

Standard Burr-Bit Specs

Optional Springs & Collars

Standard Springs & Collars Specs

ISO/JIS Springs & Collars Specs
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