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Standard Tap Burr-Bit

Vernon Devices, Inc. is dedicated to the production of the highest quality High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide cutting tools.

We specialize in the manufacture of cutting tools for de-burring, chamfering, countersinking and spot-facing. Our main products: Burr-Bit and Cham-bit are known world-wide for their ability to cut costs and save time. The installation of these tools on a tap or drill allows one to perform two machining operations simultaneously – either tapping and de-burring or drilling, chamfering and countersinking – vastly improving efficiency and greatly reducing costs.

It all started with the Burr-bit in 1956 when the company was founded. Since then, our product line has expanded to include the same cost-saving feature for pipe taps, forming-taps, reamers. ISO and JIS formats are also available for international manufacturing. We’ve additionally created a line of counter-bits, spot-bits, sink-bits and drill stops. We are the only manufacturers to carry this product.

Our published product line is just the beginning of what we have to offer. Vernon Devices has custom machining expertise to design tools specific to your production operations. Our engineers have years of expertise in the manufacturing of machined products. While our inventory of state-of-the art equipment ensures that you can have your unique product designed and produced in a timely manner.

It is the mission of Vernon Devices to help metalworking professionals around the world solve complex problems of efficiently finishing holes in metal. We provide the highest quality operation-saving tools while offering professional services to enable the manufacturer to maximize productivity.

Founded in 1956 in Mount Vernon, NY, Vernon Devices has been located in our present facility in New Rochelle, NY since September of 1993.

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