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Forming Tap Burr-Bit

Burr-Bits Designed for Forming Taps!

  • Burr-Bit models specifically designed to fit oil/vent grooves of forming taps.
  • Tap and deburr in one operation. More production – less downtime.
  • liminates material drawn up above the surface by forming taps.
  • Deburrs the top of the tapped hole as the tap is being withdrawn.
  • Burr removal eliminates sharp edges–providing a smooth surface for mating components.
  • 120º cutter angle standard (82°, 90°, 100°, etc. are available upon request).
  • Tap and Burr-Bit can both be supplied for a perfect fit. No need to shop for tap fit. We guarantee these!
  • For forming tap brands that are manufactured to fit Burr-Bits, contact Vernon.

Forming Tap Burr-Bit Specs


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