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82 degree Cham-Bit Diagram

Series 82° Cham-Bit.

  • Convert your standard twist drills into a combination 82° drill and countersink.
  • Ideal for machining countersinks for flat head machine screws
  • Stocked in the most common machine screw clearance hole and tap drill sizes.
  • Two fluted cutter snugly fits on the clearance diameter of your drill, enabling it to provide a full and concentric countersink.
  • Radial relieved cutting edge provides clean chatter free cutting.
  • Fully adjustable, can be located anywhere up and down the flutes of the drill and locked into position with two driving set screws provided.
  • Additional backup collar provided.
  • Other sizes and special angles (not shown), are available upon special request.
  • Quotes and delivery are both prompt and reasonable.

82 degree Cham-Bit Specs

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