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Cham-Bit in operation diagram

Variable Position Chamfer Tool. Drill And Deburr Or Chamfer In One Operation!

  • Converts any standard twist drill to a step drill or chamfering tool for countersinking and burr removal.
  • Stocked for all standard drill sizes from 1/8’ to 1” or 3mm to 25.5mm.
  • Economical alternative to custom multi-diameter drills.
  • Unlike a multi-diameter drill, the Cham-Bit can be disassembled from the drill and easily resharpened over and over.
  • Rugged cutter and collar interlock to the drill with a combination of three set-screws forming a positive stop of great strength.
  • Optional Stop-Bit back-up spacers can provide an alternative positive stop backed all the way up your tool holder for precise positioning (see page 19).
  • Added support of the combination tool reduces chatter and assures concentricity of the chamfer.
  • Stocked with standard 90º included angle. 82°, 100° and 120° also available on special order.
  • Special orders welcome for drills other than standard jobber drills–such as parabolic, core, inserted, and solid carbide.

Fractional Cham-Bit Specs

Number Size Cham-Bit Specs

Metric Cham-Bit Specs

Letter Size Cham-Bit Specs
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